Experience Meets Practicality

With her unwavering passion for the outdoors, Marina combines conservation expertise with avid stewardship of the land. Her enthusiasm for sustainability led her to a subsistence-based lifestyle that prioritizes education and proficiency. Marina’s mission is to inspire future generations through encouragement and confidence to pursue a life filled with adventure, resilience, and taking care of the things we love.

Through her businesses Axis Sustainability LLC and Mountain Wanderess Designs, she promotes healthy ecosystem management with a focus on ethical bowhunting, food security, and artisan products made with natural materials.

Our Business

Originally founded in the Hawaiian islands, Axis Sustainability LLC was born from the desire to bridge the gap between people and the natural world. In a society that is often disconnected from nature and sustainability, our business grew under the ethos of concerted effort towards connecting people to the land and waters that sustain them.

We promote ethical harvesting for food security while supporting individuals as they learn to navigate a subsistence based lifestyle. We promote maximum use of the animals taken, to include organs, hide tanning, bone broth, and the like. We encourage self sufficiency through building knowledge and experience in the field.

As a woman owned small business, we are proud to offer services that help people become the most educated, healthy, and informed version of themselves through connection to conservation and the natural world.

We look forward to serving your needs and helping the planet. Please check out our sister company Mountain Wanderess Designs (mountainwanderess.com) for handmade products that feature ethically sourced natural materials.

Growing Up Wild

Raised on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, Marina grew up wandering ravines and exploring coastal waterways. She cut her teeth hiking temperate rainforests and sailing the inside passage of Vancouver with her family every summer.

She’s always had a passion for wildlife and a love of the outdoors. In 2016, Marina graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree in Sustainable Science Management.

She holds certificates for hunters education, boaters education, and is PADI rescue diver certified. Her resume includes entrepreneurship, natural resource management, outreach specialist, veterinary technician, acoustic analysis intern, naturalist, sustainability consultant, and hunting guide.

With her diverse and extensive background Marina is thrilled to educate future generations on ecosystem stewardship and conservation. Axis Sustainability LLC and Mountain Wanderess Designs are the culmination of years spent cultivating a resilient future.

Mountain Wanderess Designs

Our products feature sustainably harvested and ethically sourced materials, predominantly from Maui and the Pacific Northwest. This business has its roots in creating beautiful pieces for people we care about. Each product is handmade with professional quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on unique, one of a kind creations that leave you feeling inspired and grateful.

Founded in 2021, Mountain Wanderess Designs was created out of a love for nature and the desire to take care of the things we love. With quality craftsmanship, education and inspiration, we focus on local materials, hand crafted products and elegant design.

Maui Axis Collective

Cultivate Resilience

A dynamic plan to sustainably address deer management in Maui, Hawaii through citizen engagement, collaborative management, and science based approaches.

Uniting hunters, land owners, ranchers, farmers, organizations, local businesses, state and local agencies, tourism representatives, residents and non residents alike for a common cause.

Resilience and conservation for future generations.