Subsistence Lifestyle

Conservation Based Methods

We focus on sustainability and ethical hunting. Our experience and knowledge come from over a decade studying and executing successful harvests with compound archery equipment. Bowhunting requires commitment, passion, and drive to reach success. Our business strives to grow your skills, while also honoring the land you hunt and the animals you harvest.

Living a subsistence based lifestyle requires an intimate connection to the food you consume. The ability to become an active participant in harvesting the nutrition you eat is good for the environment and overall health. There are many avenues to work towards individual food security. Each conscious choice provides knowledge and confidence that helps to build a solid foundation for a resilient future. Our business has extensive experience with harvesting wild game, growing prolific gardens, canning and preserving foods for future use, and practicing holistic conservation. Check out the information below to learn more!


  • Lean protein

  • Invasive species management

  • Holistic sourcing


  • Farm to plate

  • Locally sourced

  • Nutrient rich


  • Hide Tanning

  • Whole Animal Utilization

  • Leather Craftsmanship

  • Natural Products

Food Security

  • Subsistence

  • Resilience

  • Preserving/ canning

Maui Axis Collective

Cultivate Resilience

A dynamic plan to sustainably address deer management in Maui, Hawaii through citizen engagement, collaborative management, and science based approaches.

Uniting hunters, land owners, ranchers, farmers, organizations, local businesses, state and local agencies, tourism representatives, residents and non residents alike for a common cause.

Resilience and conservation for future generations.